17 Jul 14 at 10 pm

I’m intermittently working on another sculpture/assemblage made from natural food objects.

In a similar fashion to my Eldritch Abominations I’m constructing a humanoid body that will follow some basics of human anatomy intertwined with the horrific elements of the character. So far I have put together a spine along with shoulder blades and a pelvis. In the chest cavity I’ve started to put together the heart, trachea and part of the bronchi.Throughout the piece I’ve been attaching bundles of nerve fibers as I go so that it achieves a natural fit as things come together. The piece is around 6.5” long without the head.

The final piece will accompany the book I am currently writing and illustrating and will be based on an entity that exists in the first story of the book. I hope that it will be finished by next month as I’d like to preview it at an exhibition that I’m going to be a part of. I also need to figure out a method of suspending the piece in mid-air, within a clear display case.

06 Jul 14 at 7 pm

Behance’s Editorial Design Served featured my publication, Liebe Handwerk! today.

Liebe Handwerk! featured on Editorial Design Served
16 May 14 at 12 pm

I did a short video interview with Liana Voia last night at the vernissage of The New Printmakers.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the interviews with the other artists, Carrie Colton who runs Studio Sixty Six and an interview with Guillermo Trejo. All can be found here - Link

Printmakers take centre stage at new exhibition in Ottawa | Ottawa Citizen

15th May | 6pm - 9pm @ Studio Sixty Six, Ottawa, ON

Facebook event


Artists: Delphine Sullivan, Melissa Blackman, Tegan Alston, Claudia Gutierrez, Kimberly Edgar, Stephanie St-Jean Aubre, Dante Penman

“Printmaking is taking on the contemporary art world, in capital cities around the globe. Here in Ottawa, it has been left out of the art scene until recently. Over the last couple of years, a group of art students from the OSA, have started using printmaking as their main medium of contemporary art creation.

This group of young artists have decided to push printmaking and their comfort zone by embracing a medium that is not as common to the artistic community in this city. This group who apply similar techniques, but completely different themes, will be showing for the first time at Gallery Studio Sixty Six. As the curator and a printmaker myself, it is a pleasure to see this group of young artists presenting their contemporary approach to printmaking in the Nation’s capital.”

- Guillermo Trejo


I’m not sure how often I will be updating this site and my printmaking site over the Summer but stick around!. My absence is not from being idle, but rather because I am jumping back and forth between a bunch of projects right now and between those and a full-time job, I rarely have time to scan prints and update.

I am working on linocut prints for a group show coming up in a few weeks, showing with some amazing printmakers at Studio 66 in Ottawa. Once that is done, I will start working on pre-visuals for my next solo show of installation work, photographic/paint based works and another publication. All the while I am still adding paragraphs and sketches, whenever possible, to the book I am currently writing.